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Basic Dirt Bike Dubai Rider Skills Necessary for a Desert Tour

dirt bike Dubai

Choosing a dirt bike Dubai tour for your off-roading expedition is an excellent choice, without a doubt. The dirt bikes are specially designed to be driven in tough desert conditions, with their tires having deep knobby threads that allow maximum traction on the ground and powerful engines compared to regular bikes that are helpful in driving on bumpy terrain. 

Learning how to drive a dirt bike is not an issue at all; many reputable tour operators in Dubai, due to the increased demand for off-roading rides, offer ‘Guided Tours,’ where an expert comprehensively teaches you all the controls of dirt bikes. Still, you must know how to operate the gears, clutch, throttle, and brakes. 

So, to help you prepare for your dirt bike rental Dubai ride, here are a few necessary skills you must know to have a comfortable and safe trip. 

What Beginners Should Know About the Dirt Bike Dubai Tour?

For adventure lovers and those individuals who like to go on off-roading trips, dirt bikes are quite popular. Most off-roading trips are done away from city surroundings and into deserts, mountains, and hilly areas where there is little to no population and the overall environment is peaceful and tranquil. Dubai’s vast deserts are perfect for such types of activities; the rolling dunes, tall hills along with other scenic spots here will surely make up for a memorable trip. 

Basic Dirt Bike Dubai Rider Skills is quite easy these days in Dubai. You can search on the internet to find a reliable tour operator and compare different packages as well on the company’s website before choosing one that suits your budget. 

Dirt bikes come in different models as well, depending on the engine type and overall mechanics. Rental rates also vary according to the duration; most companies offer 1,2, and 4-hour rides that are more than enough to fulfill your dose of adventure.

Basic Driving Skills to Know Regarding Dirt Bikes

You must have some thorough knowledge of the bike clutch, gear, throttle, and gear systems. Let’s start with the clutch. The clutch is located between your transmission and your motorcycle’s engine, and it is responsible for changing gears. By using it, you are able to disconnect the power from the motor to the transmission of your bike.

Pull the left lever of your handlebar to engage your clutch. When the motor is in gear, this prevents it from stalling.

Keep in mind that you can halt completely without using your clutch if you are riding an automatic dirt bike. You may be wondering how this would be of use in a desert environment.

As a first step, you will need to retract the lever completely until it reaches the handlebars. As a beginner driver, it is recommended that you ride in neutral gear at the start of your journey. In the beginning, you may wish to use only your clutch, but it would be beneficial for you to become familiar with neutral gear as well.

Dirt Bike Braking Techniques

Dirt bike Dubai

Some of the problems riders have with braking are the wrong timing, braking in the wrong place, and insufficient or excessive braking, as well as using the rear brake without using the front brake.

The front brake does most of the braking. When you notice you are starting to skid with your front wheel, apply your front brake and stop just before a corner. Another critical point is that one must always keep one finger on the front brake lever of the bike, even if you need two if braking hard.

Your knees are your best adjuster in terms of how much rear brake you are going to need when using your rear brake. If your legs are wide apart as you are riding, you will find it difficult to control the rear brake.

There are steep descents here, and you can’t avoid them, so switch off your engine, shift into gear, and walk your bike to the bottom while using your front brake. Make sure that the rear wheel is locked up when you do this.

Useful Throttle Skills

Throttling becomes a big issue to control when moving through the desert. As for holding your wrist, the main issue you are to ponder over is how to do it most comfortably. Do not grip your bike by the throttle; release your hand. Should you twist the throttle too much, you can get cramps, which are the last thing you need during a trip.

Moreover, squeezing could cause uneven acceleration on rugged terrain. Keep your wrist straight and grip lightly with four fingers. Using full fingers to apply brakes is also advisable.


Here are the important skills you must know regarding the dirt bike Dubai tour. If you still need more information and expert advice about dirt bike rides, then do book our ‘Guided Tours’ at Dune Buggy Rental Dubai and let our staff help you master bike driving skills so you can explore deserts and have an amazing time on vacations. 



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