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How Much is the Price of Quad Bike Rental in Dubai?

Quad Bike Rental Dubai price

Are you seeking a fun and thrilling activity in Dubai to try with your friends that is completely safe and won’t cost much? Well, why don’t you pack your bag, head down to the desert, and try the Quad Bike Rental Dubai adventure? 

You cannot leave Dubai without riding a powerful and sturdy quad bike. With the expert guidance and safety gear provided, you will have a wonderful time. Exploring deserts while checking the area’s scenic spots. Renting a quad bike is very easy nowadays, and many tour companies offer them at affordable rates in Dubai. For first-time visitors, here is a breakdown of Quad Bike Rental Dubai to expect based on the bike model and tour duration.

What is the Quad Bike Rental Dubai Price?

Here are some of the top quad bike models you can book in Dubai with durations of 1,2, and 4 hours. 

Polaris Sportsman 570cc

Polaris Sportsman 570cc is the top model and most experts and seasonal drivers ride. It when they are in the mood to get their adrenaline pumped while off-roading. It has a powerful engine can easily reach high speeds even on rough desert surfaces. 

Pricing Detail 

  • 1 hour for 489 AED
  • 2 hours for 739 AED
  • 4 hours for 899 AED

The safety gear and other essential items for the tour are included in the package, so there is no need to worry. You can even ask for help from the tour guides about specific driving techniques on the sand and the best routes to follow. 

Aeon Cobra 220cc

The Aeon Cobra 220cc model has a low-power engine and is suitable for newbies and beginner riders. It’s easy to drive and handle on desert terrain, but one must also remember to drive it on plain surfaces. If you are trying for the first time so you can learn all its controls without any issues at all. Remember to ask your tour guides for help if you don’t know much. 

quad bike rental dubai price

Pricing Detail 

  • 1 hour for 489 AED
  • 2 hours for 739 AED
  • 4 hours for 899 AED

Aeon Cobra 400cc

The Aeon Cobra 400cc model is a mid-range range model and is suitable for mid-range drivers who know their way around the desert and have the know-how of quad bike rental Dubai price controls. You can take these bikes for a ride around the desert for off-road trips and to check out the area’s scenic beauty. 

Pricing Detail 

  • 1 hour for 489 AED
  • 2 hours for 739 AED
  • 4 hours for 899 AED

Refreshments like water, juices, energy drinks, and safety equipment such as helmets, gloves, and sports clothing are included in each package without additional costs.

What Age is Required in Dubai to Ride a Quad Bike?

Most tour companies in Dubai require the rider to be at least 17 years old in order to drive a quad bike. Although you don’t need a driver’s license to ride a quad bike. Just present your passport on the day of the tour for ID purposes. 


If you are in Dubai looking for a way to escape city surroundings for a while and go somewhere peaceful and relaxing then an off-roading tour is best. You can easily book a quad bike from a local tour company, explore the vast and beautiful deserts with your friends, and enjoy a relaxing experience amidst nature. 

We hope you find this pricing guide for quad bikes helpful and if you need more guidance or have any queries you can contact Dune Buggy Rental DXB.  



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