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Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai Desert – Explore Dubai Desert

dune buggy rental Dubai

Are you looking to try some fun and daring for your vacation? Then why don’t you try a dune buggy rental Dubai? Traverse the vast Arabian deserts at high speeds and feel the thrill and excitement you have never experienced.

Although Dubai embraces modernism, it allows travelers to experience adventure far from the bustling city. Dune buggy rides in Dubai give you a sense of adventure as you explore sand-covered paths. The following information will help you to understand what makes it different from other activities. 

The experience of riding a dune buggy in Dubai’s desert is captivating for everyone. There’s nothing special about it; it’s just an opportunity to view desert scenery differently and test your driving skills. 

This article will discuss the basic considerations when going out on a dune buggy ride. Furthermore, a dress code, safety precautions, and preparatory tips are discussed to make your ride as pleasant as possible. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

What is a Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Ride?

Dune buggy riding adventure is done by driving a four-wheel automotive vehicle on the dunes of the vast desert landscape of Dubai. Safety gear, such as helmets and goggles, is provided on each bike, such as sturdy handlebars and cage rolls to keep the rider in a safe and fun environment. 

As soon as you reach the middle of the desert in an SUV, you can drive the topless buggy alone without assistance from experts. An instructor assigns you a tip-top buggy and gives you safety instructions to memorize. With oversized and reduced air-pressure tires, these buggies are also fully equipped to handle rugged terrains.

Taking a Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Through the Desert

There is much more to dune buggy rental in Dubai than just riding a vehicle in the wilderness. 

You can opt for a desert safari adventure and engage in many activities besides dune buggy riding, such as camel riding, sandboarding, quad biking, BBQ dinner at the campsite, and much more. All such activities make up for a memorable vacation you will remember for a long time. 

Here are some memorable things you can do on a desert trip alongside dune buggy riding in Dubai. 

Scenery in The Desert

dune buggy rental Dubai

A vast land with picture-perfect natural scenery, the Dubai desert offers a getaway from the city’s bustle. No matter what time of day you visit the site, it will always remain the same, with the beautiful colors and hues of the sun rising and setting. Observing the majestic views with your spouse or close family member is essential to the experience. That is true, isn’t it? 

As you climb into the buggy seat, you are greeted by a stunning desert landscape. Walking across the sandy terrain, you can experience the vastness of the desert, the wind that blows strongly, and the unpredictable weather. A powerful motor is responsible for making this possible with open eyes. Otherwise, dune bashing does not significantly contribute to the change in perspective that one gains when viewing the desert. 

  • Learn About the Culture of The Desert

Taking a dune buggy safari is an excellent way to learn more about the desert’s culture and way of life. An open four-sided or roofless vehicle offers tremendous insight into the desert and its fascinating facts. 

You do not need to drive the buggy yourself; simply stay behind your instructor and enjoy exploring the highs and lows of the desert from a learning perspective during your 2-hour trip. 

  • Riding a Camel

In the Dubai desert, a dune buggy ride offers a variety of associated activities, so your entire day can be filled with fun. Camel rides are common in the Hajar, red dunes, and Lehbab deserts. 

Despite the concise duration of the ride, a slow walk on the camel’s back energizes you from top to bottom. Additionally, the ride can be useful for your children to experience similar levels of adventure when on a family trip.

  • Sand Boarding

In most Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai Desert, sandboarding is also included in the activities. Sandboarding is similar to riding in a dune buggy, where you experience the exotic terrain from a seated position. Still, you feel sand particles fly everywhere while riding a dune buggy.

Adding sandboarding to the dune buggy ride doubles the fun in the presence of many thrills. Allowing the participant to participate in challenging race competitions may be possible. 

  • Night Time Entertainment in the Desert

Dubai desert dune buggy rides are very popular in the morning and evening. Many extended packages allow couples and families to spend nights on the desert land and see the twinkling stars above. 

During night dune buggy tours, you will enjoy a traditional Arabic dinner with barbecued meat and soft drinks. Moreover, the ambiance where you receive the meal features entertaining performances such as Tanura and belly dancing. 

If you want to book a Dune Buggy Dubai ride for your next adventure and other activities, check out Dune Buggy Rental DXB. We offer the most affordable and ideal deals you can enjoy with your friends and family and have a wonderful time. 


A dune buggy rental Dubai adventure is a fun and exciting way to explore the vast desert of Dubai with your friends and family. Off-roading trips such as this are a lifetime experience, so never miss out on a chance if you get it. 

Call Dune Buggy Rental DXB right now and book your dune buggy tour along with expert guides who can teach you to drive these vehicles and also know the best spot in the desert that will make your visit a memorable one. 



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