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Renting Dirt Bikes in the Dubai Desert: A Comprehensive Guide

Dirt bike Dubai

 Dirt bike Dubai adventures are among the most popular adventure activities to try in the city. If you are an adventure lover and want to see the natural side of Dubai and spend some time in the peaceful deserts, then dirt bike rides are best for such purposes. Take a group of friends along with you as well for a more fun and memorable adventure. 

Booking a dirt bike in Dubai is very easy since there are so many companies to choose from. However, there are a few important things to remember when making this decision that we will explain in detail today. Further, one must always come prepared for desert adventures in advance and understand the precautions for a safe and enjoyable dirt bike tour. 

What Are Dirt Bikes?

Dirt bike rental Dubai Dirt bikes or KTM rentals are special bikes designed to be driven on tough surfaces such as deserts, beaches, hills, and similar uneven areas. Their design is a lot different than our regular bikes, which we drive on roads and streets. 

Dirt bikes have a more powerful engine, huge tires, a light suspension system, and bigger fuel tanks for their function. Dirt bikes come in various models, but the most common ones you can rent in Dubai are 4-stroke engines with horsepower of 450 cc.  

rides are suitable for all skill levels. Doesn’t matter if you have driven one before or not; if you know how to drive regular bikes, then these shouldn’t be a problem at all. An expert guide can teach you about its controls quickly, and you can take them for an exciting ride. 

How do you book a Dirt Bike in Dubai?

Booking a dirt bike in Dubai is a relatively easy process, and you can do it over the phone or through the company website. Here is how:

  • Choose a Reputable Tour Operator 

The first and foremost thing to remember here is you must always book a motorcycle from a reputed tour company in Dubai. You can always search online to find these companies and choose those with good reviews and high ratings. Don’t book with those who are just new and also those who offer cheap rates, because their quality of service might not be the same. 

Do ask for recommendations from people close by (friends/ relatives) who have been on dirt bike rental rides before. 

  • See the Deal and Packages for dirt bike

Once you have chosen a company, you can go through their deal and packages to see their prices and if they come within your budget range or not. During peak tourist season (usually winter), many companies also offer discounts as well. It would be great if you can grab such opportunities. 

  • Book Your Tour 

Call the company to book the tour, or you can do it online through their website as well; either way, it’s ideal. If you book on the phone, you can ask a few questions as well you might have regarding dirt bike rides. If you are driving a dirt bike in the desert for the first time, do ask if they offer ‘Guided Tours’ or not. Always choose the guided tour option as a first-time rider; that way, you can learn how to drive a bike. 

  • Provide Correct Information 

Always provide correct information at the time of booking. This includes name, phone number, credit card number for payment, email address, or any personal information required. If you provide the wrong information, the company may cancel your tour. 

  • Read the Terms and Conditions 

Read the rental policy and terms/conditions if they are given to avoid any misconceptions later on. This includes a tour cancellation policy in case of an emergency or bad weather conditions or if you want to schedule a tour for another day. Most companies offer 100% cancellation fees if you inform 24 hrs prior to the day of cancellation; after that, some may deduct cancellation charges. 

  • Prepare for the Ride 

Once you are done with your booking process, it’s time to prepare for the tour. You can pack a few essential items such as sunscreen lotion, a water bottle, small snacks, and a camera for photography of the beautiful desert terrain. Avoid eating a heavy meal a day before the tours because you might nauseating, since these rides are bumpy and upset the stomach. 

  • Arriving in the Desert on the Day of the Tour 

Finally, the day has come for the best and most amazing time you may have. Carefully listen to the safety briefings given by the tour guide and adhere to them throughout your tour. Wear the safety equipment provided and check the quality of equipment as well to ensure it fits you correctly. 

Everything is ready now, and nothing is going to stop you from having the daring and heart-pounding adventure you are about to have. 

Important Dirt Bike Controls to Remember

Dirt bike Dubai

Here is general information regarding the dirt bike controls and functions to bear in mind:

  • Clutch

On the left side of the handlebar will be a lever that you grab with your fingers.  This is the clutch lever. The clutch system engages and disengages the transmission system. By using it, you can deliver power to the rear tires, and when you release it the power goes away. 

  • Throttle 

The throttle is located on the right side of the handlebars, accessed by twisting the grip.  RPMs increase if the grip is rotated toward you (i.e. rotated up and down).  It is similar to the gas pedal on a car.  By twisting it further, more gas is delivered, the RPM is higher, and the bike goes faster. The throttle control is a critical part of riding a dirt bike, so become familiar with it.

  • Front Brake Lever 

A brake lever, as you can notice from its name, is used for braking and stopping the bike. It is situated on the right side of the handlebars.

  • Kill Switch

On most bikes, it will be located on the clutch side of the handlebars and will function as a button to turn the motorcycle off.  It is usually red in color. As soon as you have completed riding the dirt bike, you should locate and remember where the switch is located.

  • Shift Lever

At the bottom of the footpegs, just below your left foot, is the shift lever. You can then change gears and locate neutral by doing this.

  • Rear Brake Pedal

A rear brake pedal can be found on your right foot. Similar to a brake on a car, you press on this with your toe, and the bike will stop.

Safety Tips to Remember for Dirt Bike Rental Dubai Rides

Here are a few safety tips to remember before going on a dirt bike ride in Dubai:

  • Wear the Safety Equipment Provided 

Wear the safety equipment provided by the rental company, and don’t take it off throughout the ride. The equipment includes a helmet, a pair of gloves, goggles, and long boots. Listen to the safety briefings before the tour and follow them. 

  • Drive At a Safe Speed 

Drive your motorcycle at the safe speed your tour guide asks you to. Don’t do anything reckless if you are driving for the first time since you are familiar with its control, like the professionals and seasonal riders are. 

  • Follow the Designated Route 

Drive the bike in on the designated route, and don’t wander off far away, or you might get lost. The route is marked by signs and directions in the desert. Avoid going into prohibited areas, which are government properties. 

  • Take Regular Breaks If Possible 

Dirt bike rentals Dubai are very exhausting, that’s why you must take regular breaks during the ride to refresh your body by drinking water and eating small snacks. 


Dirt bike rental Dubai adventure is among the most daring and exciting things you can do in UAE. If you haven’t tried it before and want to do risky activities, then you should definitely try your hand at this. Call Dune Buggy Rental DXB now and book your tour now. We also offer Dune Buggy Rental Dubai and Quad biking tours as well. 

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Bilal Mohsin
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