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Roaring Across the Sands: Dirt Bike Adventures in the Dubai Desert

dirt bike rental Dubai

Dubai’s deserts are heaven for thrill seekers, especially those who enjoy daring off-road activities for fun and entertainment. One such activity, dirt bike rental Dubai, is very popular among tourists and locals. 

Dirt bikes are special motorcycles designed for use on rough terrain like sand or mountains. What better place to drive them than on Dubai’s vast deserts? If you haven’t had the chance to go on such a ride, we recommend trying it with your friends, especially bike lovers, and you will have an amazing and memorable time. 

About dirt bikes, today, several tour operators provide them on a rental basis and in the form of tour packages. You will have no difficulty finding your desired bikes that match your skills. For more information about such an adventure and what it involves, please stay with us as we explain everything. 

What Are Dirt Biking Adventures in Dubai All About?

Dirt biking is a popular adventure sport for exploring the outdoors with friends. Dubai deserts are ideal for such sports, which is why it is so popular here. An outdoor activity like this provides a much-needed break from your daily job routine and allows you to breathe fresh air and relax your mind. 

Further, Dubai’s deserts are characterized by challenging terrain and dunes, which makes the ride even more exciting. Climbing dunes and going down at high speeds will give you an amazing heart-pounding feeling to remember. 

The best way to learn how to ride a dirt bike is to have an experienced friend or instructor show you how. Many rental companies in Dubai provide beginner lessons that you can take to understand the workings of dirt bikes. At Dune Buggy Rental DXB you get these lessons free of cost as a part of your package from our expert guides. 

An Adrenaline-Inducing Activity in a Peaceful Desert

The Dirt Bike Rental Dubai is a unique activity that is hard to find elsewhere. The bumpy desert terrain is challenging, but driving at high speeds and maneuvering expertly will make your adrenaline levels high. Further, adding to it, the peaceful desert environment helps to calm you down and gives you a sigh of relief with little to no crowd around. 

Provides A Physical Activity Your Body Needs

Physical activity is one of the best things you can do for your body to keep it healthy. Such an activity helps to strengthen your bones and muscles, reduce disease risk, manage your weight, and enhance your ability to perform everyday tasks. A dirt bike adventure is a physical activity to help you achieve all these. 

If you don’t have time to go to the gym or for morning walks, then a dirt bike tour in the desert will help you get the dose of exercise you need to mentally and physically refresh your body.

Enjoy The Desert Scenery

We know we have discussed dirt bike rental Dubai being an adventurous and thrilling activity, but it’s more than that. A dirt bike tour allows you to experience the natural beauty of the desert, especially Dubai deserts, characterized by red sands that are hard to find elsewhere. 

Take your bike on top of a dune and observe this scenery, and if possible, capture it on your camera as a souvenir. If natural beauty is all you seek, we recommend booking a dirt bike tour in the evening to see the breathtaking sunset views; it will be the most satisfying you may have ever seen. As the sun fades, the changing color of sand will remain in your memory for a long time. 

Knowing The Dirt Bike Mechanisms

dirt bike rental Dubai

Although you will get your beginner lessons at the start of the tour, we will briefly describe dirt bikes, their safety considerations, and how to start them. 

  • Safety Equipment For the Ride 

Prior to starting the ride, one must equip themselves with safety equipment to ensure protection from injuries. Safety equipment for dirt bike rides mostly includes a helmet to protect the face. These helmets have special chin guards for this purpose. 

Further, you need goggles for your eyes to prevent dust and sand from hindering your sight for the ride. 

Head protection and eye protection are a must when riding a dirt bike. The complete protective equipment for dirt bike riders includes body armor, knee protectors, and boots.

Your tour operator will provide the basic safety equipment, so you don’t have to worry about bringing your own. However, we recommend checking the quality and size of the equipment so it fits you properly. 

  • Starting The Bike

Initially, you should familiarize yourself with your dirt bike’s clutch and shifters. For adults, the left handlebar of the dirt bike is equipped with a clutch, and the left foot peg has a foot shifter. Your motorcycle has a throttle, which provides gas, and a kickstart on the right side, next to the gas tank. 

Following are the steps for starting most dirt bikes: 

  • Please check that the fuel tank of your dirt bike is full. 
  • Locate the small metal dial on the gas line and turn it to the On position to let the fuel flow
  • Take the choke out if necessary. Typically, this can be found on the left side of the bike, near the rider’s legrest. 
  • You can start your bike by pulling the kickstart lever on its right side. Ensure the piston is positioned correctly before your right foot is placed on the starter to start the engine. Several bikes are equipped with electric starters. Simply press the start button on one of these devices. 
  • Starting your bike may take several attempts if you are cold-starting it. Keep the lever from being stomped too hard. Once the bike has been started, the Kickstarter and choke should be pushed back in.
  • Shift into first by pulling in the clutch on your left handlebar and stepping on the footshifter several times quickly. To prevent stalling, keep the clutch engaged.
  • The bike can be started moving by slowly releasing the clutch while giving it gas using the throttle. 

. Braking Techniques

You should also be familiar with how to apply the brakes on your dirt bike. Generally, dirt bikes have two brakes: one in front of the right handlebar and the other behind the right foot peg. Front-wheel brakes are more sensitive and can cause riders to lose control of their bike if misused. Rear wheel brakes have less power and provide a smoother stop, making them a crucial component of effective bike control. 

The braking technique you use must be tailored to the terrain. If the terrain is bumpy, it is often necessary to brake gently, while if the terrain is smooth, it is necessary to brake more forcefully. The brakes are harder to use in sandy conditions, which you will do on this tour. So, we recommend practicing the braking techniques of your dirt bike starting the main tour.   

Important Things to Remember For Dirt Bike Rides in Dubai

dirt bike rental Dubai

Here is a comprehensive list of things you must remember for your dirt bike rental Dubai tour. 

  • Wear The Safety Gear 

We have discussed this and are doing it again to remind you of the importance of safety equipment. The equipment includes a helmet that fits you properly, protective gloves, and eye goggles. Check the equipment provided by the rental company to ensure its condition and if you are not satisfied ask them to bring another. 

In fact, before booking a tour, ask the operator about the safety guidelines they adhere to and what equipment they provide. Read their reviews to know if customers had a piece of faulty equipment for their ride, and we recommend not to book with them. Never compromise on your safety. 

At Dune Buggy Rental DXB, we assure you that all the safety equipment is well-maintained in top-notch condition. You are more than welcome to ask any previous customer about their experience. 

  • Familiarize Yourself With The Desert Terrain 

Desert terrain is opposite of the roads and highways we drive on daily. The sand is rough, and the varying dune formations highlight the landscape. That’s why it is important to learn about the terrain and understand the challenges you might face. Talk to an expert or your tour guide about this. As a beginner, we recommend going on an easy route with a map so you don’t get lost.  

Also, bring your friends or colleagues to have some company while out in the wilderness. 

  • Carry Sufficient Supplies For The Journey

You must always carry certain supplies when going on an adventure in the desert. This includes a water bottle to stay hydrated on the tour since the desert climate is very hot. Bring snacks like nut bars and fruits to energize your body so you don’t feel too exhausted. 

A first aid kit also comes in handy to treat injuries or bruises due to a mishap or an accident. A sunscreen lotion also comes in handy for protection against harmful sun rays. 

  • Check Your Dirt Bike For Any Faults 

Conduct a thorough inspection of your bike to ensure everything works normally. Check that the tires are properly inflated, and brakes work normally. Take the bike for a test drive in an open area to ensure there is noise coming from the engine and the brakes work. Further, check the fuel storage to see if it’s full to the labeled mark. 

  • Respect The Environment and Local Laws 

Remember to respect the environmental laws of Dubai deserts and safeguard the ecosystem. Avoid injuring any animals on your ride, and don’t throw away trash in the area. Read the signs in the area and follow what’s written on them. Don’t venture into a restricted area that is only conserved for endangered species you may pay a hefty fine if you do so. 

  • Drive Cautiously

Remember to drive cautiously to avoid accidents. Follow the speed limit mentioned, and don’t try to hit max speed. Slow down the bike when climbing on tall dunes or descending so you don’t topple. Avoid starting any racing with your friends.  

  • Bring a Camera to Capture Memories 

Lastly, bring a camera to photograph the memorable moments of the tour and the beautiful desert landscape. You cannot miss the golden sands and the sunset scenery. Capture your and the group’s photos against the backdrop. 

Some people also bring a GoPro camera to attach to their bike and record the journey. You can do the same if you want; remember that the camera equipment you attach doesn’t hinder bike functions. Also, have extra batteries because you might not get a power supply in the desert area. 


Dirt Bike Rental Dubai has recently gained immense popularity, and you can only expect it to grow. Going on an off-roading trip such as this is a dream for thrill-seekers and adventurous people. We have outlined everything one must remember for dirt bike rides, and if you need any guidance regarding booking beginner classes, please contact Dune Buggy Rental DXB to get early discounts and special packages.

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