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A Complete Dose Of the Adventure – Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Are you looking for something adventurous and thrilling for your holiday? So we have just the thing for you. Forsake your place of comfort in the city, go to the desert, and experience the fun of Dune Buggy Rental Dubai. For the adventurous person, we promise you that you will enjoy this adventure of discovering the natural environment of the UAE with your friends, whereby you will overcome the difficult desserts and cleverly navigate through them.

So why are you waiting? You have a rare chance to try buggy rental Dubai rides, do not miss it and enjoy the moment! This is a comprehensive guide as to what should be anticipated and the preparations that need to take place during this trip.

What is the Dune Buggy Rental Experience?

No doubt, dune buggy rides are very exciting and fun, but what does the experience involve, and why is it so popular among adventure lovers? Well, here is why.

  • Power of Dune Buggies

The main reason why people love dune buggy rides is the vehicles themselves. Dune buggies are specially designed to be driven over difficult terrain, which is uneven, rough, and, in our case, sand/desert. They are different from typical cars and fitted with powerful engines, so they can easily be driven over rough surfaces. Driving them at high speeds in the desert and exploring the vast region is the main reason why everyone loves them. 

  • Suitable for All Skill Levels 

Dune buggy rental Dubai rides are suitable for everyone, and it doesn’t matter if you are a newbie or someone trying for the first time; driving a buggy is not difficult at all. You can always book ‘Guided Tours’ to learn and understand its controls and driving techniques. If you know how to drive a bike/car, then you will have no problem learning to ride a Dune Buggy. 

However, do bear in mind that some tour operators have age restrictions as to who can drive a buggy in Dubai. Most tour operators require the person to be 17 years old to drive a buggy, but as far as passengers are concerned, there are no restrictions. 

  • Enjoy the Beautiful Scenery 

Dune buggy rides allow you to witness the untamed beauty of the desert and explore the secrets of the region that are otherwise inaccessible by car and even on foot. As mentioned, dune buggies can easily navigate dunes with ease allowing you to go as far as you want. 

You can enjoy the sunset views on top of a tall hill and observe how the golden sand changes color as the sun goes down. You can also visit the best scenic spots like Al Qadra lakes, or if you love animals, then go to Dubai Desert Conservation and see how wildlife thrives in the desert. 

  • Book Private Tours 

You can even book private buggy tours if you want, just for you and your group. You can choose your own route, buggy model, and even a guide as well who will cater exclusively to your group and tell you about the best spots in the desert and even teach you about local traditions if you love to hear such things. 

Call Dune Buggy Rental DXB for more information regarding private tours, their costs, and all the details. 

  • Combine Buggy Rental Dubai With Other Desert Activities 

Finally, the main reason for the popularity of dune buggy rides is you can combine them with other desert activities and, in fact, book a complete Desert safari adventure if you want to. Here, besides dune buggies, you can also try other thrilling activities like quad biking, sand boarding, camel rides, enjoying some cultural festivities, and having a delicious dinner at a campsite.

  • Ideal for Families and Children 

Dune buggy tours are ideal for families, including children, who want to explore the desert. The main reason is that dune buggies come in 4-seating capacities that are ideal for groups. Plus they are much safer to ride due to their design, which includes roll cages, seat belts, and handlebars to protect the riders from collisions and accidents. 

While on the other hand, quad and dirt bikes are suitable for solo tours, and many companies don’t allow children to ride them. 

Safety Tips for Your Dune Buggy Rental Tour

Dune Buggy Rental Dubai

Well, dune buggy rentals Dubai are pretty much a fun and exciting journey. Still, one must always come prepared and remember some important safety tips to enjoy it safely without injuring themselves. Here are a few safety tips to remember:

  • Wear the Safety Equipment Provided

Always wear the safety equipment your tour operator provides before hopping on a dune buggy, and check the equipment fits you correctly. The equipment includes a helmet, gloves, and goggles to protect you from injuries. 

  • Listen to the Safety Briefings 

Before you begin your ride, you will receive some helpful safety briefings from your guide; please listen to them carefully and adhere to them throughout your ride. If you have any questions regarding the tour, do ask them around this time. 

The guide usually asks you to drive with a safe speed limit and on a dedicated path so you don’t get lost or venture too far away. 

  • Inspect Your Buggy 

Always inspect your buggy before the buggy desert Dubai tour starts. Take it for a small test drive to ensure all its controls, including steering and brakes, work perfectly, and there are no issues. Check the pressure of the tires and fuel level for your surety. If you find any issues, discuss them with your tour operator and have them sorted out. 

  • Take Regular Brakes 

Dune buggy rides are physically exhausting, and that’s why you must take regular breaks during the tour to relax your body and drink water or eat small snacks if you have brought them. These breaks are best enjoyed at scenic spots where you can click some pictures of the surrounding areas. 


Dune buggy rental Dubai tours offer the best way to see and experience the beauty of Dubai’s deserts with full safety and comfort. Adventure lovers will love them, no doubt, but everyone can try them for a unique experience. 

If you are in Dubai and looking for a thrilling journey in the wilderness, contact Dune Buggy Rental DXB and book your ideal package right away.

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