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Quad Bike Rental Dubai Desert: A Ride of a Lifetime

Quad bike rental Dubai

Quad bike rental Dubai adventure offers a unique and exciting way to explore the vast deserts that surround the city. Such an activity allows you to escape city life for a while and go on a vacation with your friends and colleagues, which helps to relieve your mind from work stress. 

Although there are plenty of adventures one can try in Dubai City, like ziplining, jet skiing, scuba diving, etc. Still, nothing comes close to quad bike rental, which takes place far away in a peaceful desert environment with few people and little noise. According to Tripadvisor, Quad biking or ATV riding is among Dubai’s top 3 tourist attractions, besides Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall.  

This stat alone tells you about the popularity of quad biking. Here, you get to enjoy the natural beauty, adventure, and thrills you will remember for a long time. Want to learn more about it? Well, continue reading, and for any queries, please contact Dune Buggy Rental DXB. We are here to help.

What is Quad Biking?

Quad bikes are special 4×4 vehicles designed for off-road activities. They are equipped with low-pressure tires, a seat that can be straddled, and handlebars. They can only be driven by a single driver, but recent developments have been made in new models that a passenger can also ride them. 

However, you must remember that quad bikes cannot be driven on regular roads and highways as they don’t meet the safety standards in such areas. They are suitable for mountains, deserts, rocks, or rough terrain. Since Dubai has vast deserts, driving and exploring that region makes sense. 

Why is Quad Biking So Popular in Dubai?

Quad biking Dubai is the most fun and exciting adventure one can do in Dubai, and in recent years, its popularity has soared for several reasons. 

  • Exploring Beautiful Desert Landscapes and Learn Local Culture 

Quad biking tours allow you to explore the hidden beauty of deserts and spend quality time in nature. Besides exploring the desert, you can enjoy the hospitality of Bedouins at the campsite and learn more about local history and customs if that interests you. 

  • Offers a Means of an Adventure 

Some of us are adventure enthusiasts who enjoy daring activities, and a quad biking session provides just that. When you navigate the challenging desert terrain, climb tall dunes, and make sharp turns at high speed, you get the dose of your adrenaline fulfilled. 

  • It is a Physical Activity that Benefits the Body: 

Quad biking is also a physical activity that benefits our body. Science suggests that physical activity helps enhance brain health, maintain weight, and reduce disease risk. 

Not just that, a quad biking tour in the winter season is the best way to get a dose of Vitamin D through sunlight, which is beneficial for our overall health. Summers are scorching hot in Dubai, so we suggest winter daytime. 

  • Helps to Relieve Your Stress 

Suppose you seek adventure and struggle with daily stress (caused by work or personal concerns). In that case, a quad bike ride may be an excellent approach to boosting self-confidence and reducing stress levels. Enjoying nature also contributes to recharging your batteries and sustaining your positive attitude. 

  • Easily Accessible to Everyone 

Today, countless tour operators offer quad bikes on a rental basis that locals and foreign tourists can book and easily explore the region. Prices have also decreased due to competition among the operators, and besides, there are various quad bikes you can book that suit your level. New riders can easily book a quad bike that is easy to drive and has low speed at affordable rates. 

  • Quad Bikes Are Safe to Ride on 

Quad Bike’s latest models are all equipped with safety features that protect the riders from accidents and injuries. Don’t hear what people say like it’s too dangerous, risky, or unreliable. Further, your tour operator will provide additional safety equipment to wear during the ride. This includes a helmet, goggles, a pair of gloves, and long boots. 

You can also opt for beginner lessons on quad bikes to learn its controls. Dune Buggy Rental DXB offers these lessons free of cost, and our guides have more than 8 years of experience with these vehicles and the terrain where they are driven.    

Types of Quad Biking Tours Available in Dubai

In Dubai, several options are available for Quad bike tours, depending on the time and type of bike you are booking. Let’s break down this list:

  • Beginner-Friendly Tours: These tours are best suited for those trying quad biking for the first time without any prior experience. Here, you get to learn basic driving lessons and safety measures. The tour route is easy where you drive, has fewer bumps and turns, and is not challenging. The quad bike model provided is also easy to drive with a max speed of barely 80-90 kph. 
  • Adventure Tours: Those seasonal and professional drivers looking for challenge and adventure can opt for these tours. The terrain in these tours is quite challenging, consisting of sharp turns, tall dunes, and rough surfaces. The quad bike models provided here can easily reach 140 kph, which only an expert can handle. Here, one can test their driving skills to see how capable they can handle difficult situations. Safety rules must be followed here; no compromises must be made. 
  • Private Tours: Some people want a more personalized experience for their group, where they can choose their route, vehicle, and tour duration. Well, private tours provide all that and much more.  In the above tours, you sometimes have to share the quad bike with other tourists and take beginner classes together, but not in private tours. Here, you will have a dedicated guide just for yourself. These tours are best enjoyed with your second partner and best for romantic getaways like honeymoon.
  • Desert Safari Tours: If you want to take your desert excursion to a whole new level, look no further than Desert Safari Tours. Here, you get to engage in many desert sports besides quad biking, such as dune bashing, sandboarding, and dirt biking. Also, you can enjoy cultural experiences, eat delicious food, and learn about Dubai’s history while visiting a campsite with locals.

Dune Buggy Rental DXB offers all these tours at affordable rates and top-notch services. Call us today for early bookings and to get discounts and customized packages that suit your budget and group. 

Important Tips to Remember for a Safe and Memorable Quad Bike Ride

Quad bike rental Dubai

Now that you thoroughly understand what quad bike rental Dubai tours are, let’s talk about helpful tips to make your desert vacation more enjoyable. 

  • Wear Appropriate Clothing

Clothing choice for quad biking adventure is a very important consideration. You cannot just go on wearing random clothes or anything you like. Since the tour happens in the desert, the weather will be extremely hot, and if you are accustomed to such weather, you will have no fun. 

We recommend wearing lightweight clothes that allow breathing and are not too tight. Also, wear sunglasses to reduce glare from the sun and a hat. Avoid wearing skirts, bikinis, or any too-revealing clothes; they are not permitted under UAE laws and may get you fined. 

  • Bring a Sunscreen 

As mentioned, the temperature is very hot, and sun rays are equally harmful in the Dubai desert, so one must bring sunscreen on a quad biking adventure to protect the skin from these rays. 

Too much exposure to sun rays may cause sunburn that will ruin your whole tour, especially if you are touring in the summer months. In winter, a little exposure to the sun is a good source of vitamin D. 

  • Prepare for your photoshoot

You will have numerous opportunities to take pictures during quad bike tours, so you should be prepared with your phone or camera. During the ride, there will be several stops where you can relax and take photographs of the scenery and yourself for your memories. A DSLR is the best choice to capture HD photos, but a camera phone will also work if you don’t have one.  

Some people commonly use a GoPro camera for recording quad bike tours. If you wish to attach anything to your vehicle, please consult your guide first. Remembering your safety, accessories must fit around safety equipment without obstructing the bikes.

  • Drink plenty of water

As the tour happens in a desert where temperatures are scorching hot, one must always drink water regularly throughout the day to stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle along and keep refilling it during your tour stops. Keep some spare cash at hand as well so you can buy water from local shops and stands.  

  • Wear Safety Equipment 

We understand wearing safety equipment may be uncomfortable, but it is still important. If you have ever been on one, a quad biking tour is filled with bumps, turns, and twists. Despite being a wonderful experience, it will likely jolt your body, which may cause injury. Due to this, all riders are required to wear helmets at all times. Eye goggles are also necessary to protect your eyes from dust and flying sand that may impair your vision. 

  • Consider Purchasing Travel Insurance

Travel insurance comes with a lot of benefits one can think of. Although it may not prevent accidents from occurring, it provides financial security and pays for your medical bills. It also helps recover losses and damages you may have incurred due to an accident. 

Being financially insured, you can take quad bike trips without any concerns and have peace of mind that you won’t suffer too many losses. Take life insurance from reputable companies or ask your friends and family members for recommendations if they have obtained any in the past. 

  • Inspect Your Quad Bike Before The Tour 

Always inspect your quad bike to ensure it’s working properly and has no faults before going on the main tour. Take your quad bike out for a test drive to see if any noises are coming from the engine or if the brakes work flawlessly. Further, the handlebars are properly mounted and not loose, and fuel storage is full; you don’t want to be stranded in a deserted place just because you ran out of fuel. 

If you find any such faults, complain to your tour operator and have your vehicle replaced promptly. Never ride on a faulty quad bike that poses a danger. 


Quad biking rental Dubai tours are a hell of fun and provide an amazing adventure experience amongst nature. For those who wish to try it for the first time, we hope you will have a memorable, and this article helps you understand what these tours are all about. 

For any more queries regarding quad bike trips and concerns, contact our staff at Dune Buggy Rental DXB; they will be happy to help you.  

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