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Embark on an Exciting Dune Buggy Adventure in Dubai’s Desert

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If you want to try something unique and exciting in Dubai with your friends and have gotten tired of seeing the same places and crowds in the city then plan a desert adventure tour. There are many choices available but nothing comes close to the fun and excitement you can have on a dune buggy ride Dubai tour.

These dune buggy rental rides offer the safest and most convenient way to explore the deserts and see a completely different side of the city without tall buildings or crowded areas. Driving buggies in tough desert conditions is an exciting and thrilling adventure that one will remember for a lifetime. So plan a tour right now and set out for an amazing experience.

Why Do You Need to Try the Dune Buggy Dubai Adventure?

Here are some top reasons why you need to try the exciting dune buggy adventure in Dubai:

A Thrilling Adventure Full of Action 

If you like adventure and heart-pounding experiences, then you’ll love the dune buggy off-roading experience in Dubai. Dune buggies are specially built for driving on harsh desert surfaces like steep dunes, bumpy terrain, and sharp turns. Driving in these areas at high speeds will get your body pumped with adrenaline, which will surely fulfill your adventure cravings. 

Offers a Chance to See Beautiful Desert Sights

Dubai deserts are among the most beautiful in the world if you have gotten tired of seeing the same places in the city filled with crowds and want to go someplace peaceful and nearby then these deserts are the place to go.

Dune buggies can easily go up to the speed of 100 kph+ thereby allowing you to explore the vast deserts and go anywhere you want quickly. The top models like Can-Am buggies can reach 150 kph.

You can drive the buggies to Explore Dubai Desert in Style and see the beautiful desert sights like fossil rocks, and wavy dunes and spot some wildlife along the way.

Suitable For All Skill Levels

Suitable For All Skill Levels

Dune buggy adventures are suitable for everyone and no one needs to be an expert in riding a buggy to enjoy it. Even a newbie or someone beginner can learn all the basics and test their driving skills in the tough desert areas.

Buggy controls are similar to a car, however, what matters is how to drive and handle the vehicle in desert areas. That is something entirely different than driving on roads and streets. Luckily there are tour guides available who can teach you the basics, so before going for a trip be sure to take the buggy for a test drive once you understand its operation. 

Safe Form of Adventure

A Dune Buggy Ride in Dubai is a safe adventure because these tours are conducted under strict safety guidelines. As mentioned, the tour guides teach you the basics of buggy driving and handle all the safety arrangements. The tour companies also provide the guests with protective gear: a helmet, gloves, and goggles.

Further, the buggies come with many safety features, like roll cages and seat belts, that protect riders in accidents. The buggy also has large tires and a lightweight chassis that provide more stability to the vehicle when driven in difficult conditions.

See the Rich Culture and Lifestyle of Bedouins

Besides adventure and amazing desert views the dune buggy riding also presents a perfect opportunity to experience the rich culture and lifestyle of the locals. This is something you won’t find in the city.

During the tour, you can stay at a traditional desert campsite to rest and enjoy the hospitality of the locals. While there also try some local refreshments like Arabian coffee, shisha, and tea. Also, learn about the history of the region and how it became one of the most developed regions in the world. Such insights about culture add to the overall desert experience.


Buggy Rentals Dubai offers the safest and most convenient way to explore the city’s deserts and see their breathtaking beauty. The thrill and excitement you get to enjoy on these rides are hard to find anywhere else. So be sure to try this amazing experience on your next visit to the city, and bring along some friends and loved ones for a memorable and exciting experience.

Bilal Mohsin

Bilal Mohsin

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Bilal Mohsin
Bilal Mohsin

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