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Explore Dubai Desert in Style: Rent a Dune Buggy Today

Dune buggy rental Dubai

Even though Dubai is famous for its modern lifestyle and famous landmarks consisting of buildings, beaches, hotels and shopping malls, but the city has a lot more to offer than just these. The vast deserts that surround the city offer many attractions and scenic spots that are worth visiting. What better way to explore these places than going on a Dune buggy rental Dubai tour?

Dune buggies are special vehicles designed for driving in the desert areas which consists of uneven and bumpy areas where it’s impossible to drive a normal car or bike. Tourists can easily rent them from a local tour company at reasonable rates and explore the deserts with their family, friends and fellow travelers while making new memories.

Here is everything you need to know about dune buggy rides in Dubai. We will explain how you can rent one, how to prepare for the ride and what important safety tips to keep in mind. Let’s get started.

What is Dune Buggy Rental Dubai Adventure?

First let’s give a brief overview of what the dune buggy Dubai adventure is all about before proceeding further. Dune buggies are off-road vehicles that are specially designed for driving on the rough desert surfaces and similar areas like hills, mountains and rocks. The buggy rentals Dubai rides are therefore very popular for similar reason because the city is mainly surrounded by desert, where such vehicles come quite in handy that one can use to explore them.

The tourists can easily rent a dune buggy here from a local tour company at reasonable rates. The prices may vary depending on the duration and models which we will discuss later on.

Other than that these buggy ride Dubai tours are very adventurous and exciting. Those who like daring and heart-pounding activities will certainly love this experience. Buggies have powerful engine and special off-road tires that help its purpose and allows them to be driven on tough surfaces. You can drive them in to explore the beautiful deserts as well as test your driving skills.

Other benefits of dune buggy ride Dubai are that these are very easy to learn and drive, even a beginner can ride them on no time at all. There are tour guides available who can teach the basics. Remember to follow their instructions as they say and you are guaranteed to have a memorable time on the Dubai desert dune buggy ride.

Booking a Dune Buggy Tour in Dubai

Here are some general steps to follow when booking a dune buggy tour in Dubai:

Research Some Reputable Companies

Do some manual research and find the top rated tour companies from whom you can book the buggy desert Dubai ride. Remember to read customer reviews and understand their quality of service. Reviews can be found on ‘Google Reviews’ section or some other top sites.

Never book from a company with low rating or some that is new in the business, because they don’t fully understand customer requirements and needs or their service might not be up to the mark. Also, see what type of safety measures the company offers, because it is of utmost importance in off-roading tours like dune buggy safari Dubai.

Compare Prices and Packages

After selecting the top companies for the buggy Dubai tour visit their website or call them to inquire about the pricing and package details. The pricing might slightly differ, but you have to keep your budget in mind as well. Some companies also offer discounts on group of 6-7 person, so if you are with family or friends then see if there are such deals available that can cut down the costs on buggy rental rides and help save some money.

Select the Ideal Package

Once you have chosen a company to book a desert buggy tour from, the next thing to do is to book the package. The packages vary according to the time duration and buggy models available. Most tour companies offer 1, 2 and 4-seater models and duration from 30 minutes to 4 hours.

The 1 and 2-seater models are best for solo and two-person tours whereas the 4-seater ones are best for group and family tours as they can easily accommodate 4-5 person. For beginners we would recommend to book short tours and understand how to drive a buggy and what other important details to remember.

Select the Day and Timing

The next step is to choose the ideal timing of the day for your dune buggy safari tour. The late evenings and early morning are best time to explore deserts in Dubai. The sunset and sunrises here completely transform the area into a paradise that are worth witnessing. So remember to book around this time.

Confirm Your Booking and Make Payment

After finalizing the package, duration and timing of the dune buggy rental tour you can proceed and make the payment and confirm the booking. The booking can be made via company website or through phone. Most companies accept multiple payments options such credit cards, bank transfers and cash.

Dune Buggy rental Dubai

Preparation Tips for Dune Buggy Tours

Here are few preparation tips to follow after completing the booking:

Wear Lightweight and Comfortable Clothes

Clothing choices matter a lot when it comes to off-roading tours in Dubai. Since you’ll be exploring deserts where its hot and dusty all the time. So remember to wear lightweight and comfortable clothes. Men can wear shorts, trousers with T-shirts and women can wear long skirts, or shalwar kameez. Avoid wearing anything synthetic and only go for cotton or silk fabric clothes.

Footwear are also important to remember when it comes to dune buggy rides. Sandals and long boots are best for driving the buggy. Women should heels, because they are suitable for walking on the sands.

Pack Sun Protection Items

The sun in the desert is scorching hot which is why it’s important to come prepared if you are not accustomed to it otherwise you might suffer from skin diseases or sun burn. Pack a sunscreen lotion, a hat, and a pair of sunglasses. Apply the sunscreen lotion throughout your desert dune buggy ride.

Keep Yourself Hydrated

Contuning from the previous tip, as mentioned the temperatures are very hot and buggy safari Dubai is a physically demanding activity that is why it’s important to keep yourself hydrated by drinking water. Bring a water bottle and remember to keep drinking from it regularly at different intervals. If you forget to bring one then ask your tour guide to provide one, but it’s a must thing to have.

Don’t Eat Anything Heavy

Avoid eating a heavy meal before the dune buggy adventure Dubai. The reason is that the ride might cause your stomach to upset because of driving on bumps, which can make you nauseous. Anyone who has eaten a heavy meal might vomit which can ruin the whole tour. So, it’s important to remember that.

Bring a Camera

How can one miss out on the incredible and beautiful desert scenery in the desert on buggy rental in Dubai tour? Well, that and also the memorable moments we get to enjoy here are worth capturing. So remember to bring a camera on the tour, even a smartphone will do the work.

The professional photographers will certainly love this experience and they can also test their photography skills here.

dune buggy rental dubai

Check Weather Conditions

Last, but not least remember to check the weather on the day of the tour and prepare accordingly. Although it is mostly sunny in Dubai all year long, but random sandstorms and thunderstorms happen occasionally that makes it impossible to travel to desert and enjoy off-roading trips. See weather apps and also ask your company about the weather forecasts.

Safety Tips for Dune Buggy Safari Dubai Tour

The dune buggy ride or any off-roading activity in Dubai has its risks which one always be aware of. Here are some:

Wear the Safety Equipment Provided

Remember to wear the safety equipment provided for your buggy desert safari Dubai adventure. The equipment helps to protect against injuries and bruises which might happen due to accidents or a mishaps. It includes a helmet, a pair of gloves and goggles. Do check that these items fit you properly and are not too loose or tight.

Listen to the Safety Briefings

Pay special attention to the safety briefings given by the tour guide before hopping on the buggy. The instructions include safe speed limit to follow, the desert route to follow and how to handle a buggy in tough situations if you are beginner.

Inspect the Buggy for Any Damages

This is a very important tip to remember for the dune buggy desert safari Dubai tour. Always inspect the buggy in which you will riding for any damages. Please ensure that all it’s controls work properly and the seat belts fit properly. Take it for a test drive and if notice any fault then ask your tour guide to replace it.

Don’t Overload the Buggy

Remember not to overload the buggy with too many people. If there are more people in the group then book 4-seater models but even those can accommodate 4-5 persons. Overloading can affect the vehicle’s stability and functionality in general. To enjoy the Best dune buggy Dubai tour is to have relaxing and comfortable ride.


The dune buggy tours are surely one of the most popular and exciting things one can do in Dubai with family and friends. Here is a detailed guide about everything to know about this exciting activity and important details to remember.

If you have any more queries you can contact Dune Buggy Rental DXB and talk to our staff. Check our ‘Services Tab’ for affordable deals and packages.

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