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Dune Buggy Dubai Adventures: Explore the Desert in Style

Dune Buggy Dubai

The Dune Buggy Dubai is arguably the ideal and convenient option when it comes to off-road adventures in the UAE. These rides allow us to explore the vast desert comfortably without any issues and most importantly they are easy to drive, and they take place under strict safety guidelines as well.


The regular vehicles are not well suited for driving in desert conditions, so therefore if you are interested in exploring the desert and engaging in some exciting and thrilling adventure then always rent a dune buggy. Many tour companies in Dubai nowadays offer dune buggies on a rental basis and you can easily find a suitable package for your group.

If you are planning a desert buggy Dubai tour, then here are some interesting things to know about it.

Why Should You Book a Dune Buggy for Off-Roading?

Here are a couple of reasons why dune buggies are the best choice when it comes to desert off-roading tours in Dubai:

Ideal for Driving on Tough Desert Surfaces 

Dune buggies are specially designed to be driven on desert surfaces which consist of bumps and steep dunes. They have a powerful rear engine that allows them to be driven at high speeds in such conditions, along with large tires that offer high stability and lightweight suspension that absorbs shocks and bumps. 

All these features make the dune buggies perfect for exploring Dubai desert in style and with ease.

Easy to Drive 

Dune buggies are very easy to drive and even a novice rider can learn its control and go for an exciting adventure. Their controls are similar to regular cars which include steering wheel, clutch, brakes, and gear systems. 

Just remember to take it for a test drive and get familiar with the driving style. There will be tour guides available in the desert who can assist you in driving buggies in desert conditions and also explain a few other important techniques that might come in handy. Follow their instructions thoroughly if this is your first time going on such a tour. 

desert buggy Dubai

Variety of Models Available 

Dune buggies come in a variety of models that differ according to the seating capacity and engine type. You have the choice to choose one according to your skill level and group requirements. Most companies in Dubai offer 1,2 and 4-seater models at pricing starting at 800 AED and going up to 2500 AED. 

The 1 and 2-seater models are perfect for solo tours with friends, and 4-seater models can accommodate 5–6 persons and are therefore well-suited for families and groups. Further, the Polaris buggies are perfect for beginner and intermediate riders whereas the Can-Am buggies are higher-end models that can only be driven by seasonal and expert riders and they are much faster too compared to Polaris. 

Remember to do your research before choosing the preferred model for the tour. 

Safety Features 

Among all the desert vehicles available, the dune buggies are the safest to ride. They come with various safety features like roll cages, seat belts, and soft seats that ensure a comfortable and smooth ride. Further, the tour companies provide additional equipment as well like helmets, gloves, and goggles that the rider must wear while riding a buggy. 

An Exciting and Thrilling Experience

Finally, the main reason why dune buggies are the best choice for off-roading is because they offer an exciting and adrenaline-pumping experience. Driving them at high speeds on steep dunes, bumps, and challenging areas while maintaining balance is a fun activity that everyone enjoys. 

If you are an adventure lover, don’t miss out on this amazing off-roading opportunity in Dubai and enjoy memorable moments with your friends. Remember to bring along a camera to capture these moments and the beautiful scenery of the desert. You can even attach a Go-Pro camera to the buggy and record the whole tour. 


If you enjoy adventure and looking to try something exciting and fun on vacation, then surely the buggy rental Dubai tours are the way to go. These tours are safe, and convenient and offer a thrilling experience that you’ll not find anywhere else. Remember to follow your tour guide’s instructions and drive safely for a memorable ride.   

Bilal Mohsin

Bilal Mohsin

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Bilal Mohsin
Bilal Mohsin

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