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Dubai Buggy Rentals: Experience Off-Road Thrills

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Dubai Deserts offers the perfect location for exciting and fun off-roading rides, such as the buggy rentals Dubai. These deserts have steep dunes, bumpy paths, and soft sands, and driving is undoubtedly a challenge and requires special skills. However, if anyone knows how to drive a dune buggy in the desert and what important things to remember, they will certainly have an amazing time here.

People from all over the world come to try these exciting activities, which are suitable for every skill level. So, don’t be afraid if you plan to go on a buggy desert Dubai tour for the first time. Here are some important things to remember.

Why You Need to Try Dune Buggy Adventure in Dubai?

Here are some reasons why a dune buggy adventure is a must-try in Dubai:

A Thrilling and Exciting Experience

Driving dune buggies on the tough and challenging desert surfaces at high speeds is surely an exciting experience that will get your heart racing and give you thrills you have never experienced before. These vehicles are designed to be driven in desert areas with ease. They come with powerful engines for fast driving and lightweight suspension to absorb shock and bumps.

If you like driving cars and bikes for exploration tours with friends then surely we recommend that you try buggy riding and explore Dubai desert in style.

Enjoy Scenic Routes and Beautiful Desert Spots

Dune buggy riding is more than just adventure and thrills. These rides give you a chance to go and explore a completely different side of Dubai that most people don’t know about. The deserts here are among the most beautiful in the world where one can find ancient fossils, lakes, red sands, and many species of wildlife.

Also, the sunset and sunrise views in the desert should not be missed at all. Find an ideal spot or ask your tour guide to observe how the desert scenery changes around this time. Remember to bring a camera to capture all these beautiful things you get to see on the trip and memorable moments with your loved ones. 

buggy desert Dubai

Safe Form of Adventure For Everyone

Dune buggy riding is the safest form of adventure for everyone regardless of their skill level. It doesn’t matter if someone is a newbie, they can easily understand the buggy’s basic controls and drive in the desert. If you know how to drive a car then this shouldn’t be a problem at all. 

There are tour guides provided by the company who can teach you how to drive in the desert and also take care of all the safety needs. Also, you’ll be provided with protective gear that helps to protect against injuries and bruises in case of an accident. So rest assured you don’t need to worry too much if you are going off-roading for the first time. 

Group and Family Adventure

The Dune buggy Dubai adventure is a suitable form of outdoor activity for groups and families. Dune buggies come in 4-seater capacity models that are perfect for groups and they can easily accommodate 5-6 persons. So if you are in Dubai looking to try something unique and fun with children then do consider dune buggy tours. These vehicles are fitted with roll cages, seat belts, and comfortable seats that ensure a relaxing experience for everyone.

Important Tips to Remember for Dune Buggy Off-Roading Tour

Read these helpful tips when going for a buggy riding tour in Dubai:

  • Always book a tour from a well-reputed company that has a good rating and positive customer reviews. These companies provide the best experience to the tourists and know very well how to handle any issues that may arise. 
  • Wear comfortable and lightweight clothes for dune buggy tours, because the desert environment is very hot and dusty. Full-sleeve T-shirts with shorts or trousers are the best choice. Don’t wear anything made from synthetic material because they don’t absorb heat that well. 
  • Drink water regularly throughout the ride to keep yourself refreshed and well-hydrated. Keep a water bottle on the tour and take breaks to relax your body and to drink water. 


The dune buggy rental Dubai and similar desert adventures are very popular and if you are here for vacations remember to try them once with your family or group of friends. We guarantee that you’ll come back again. Follow the tips we have highlighted above for a comfortable experience.

Bilal Mohsin

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Bilal Mohsin
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