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Special Ramadan Offers Of Buggy Rental Dubai Tour in 2024

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Dune buggy tours are among the top-rated desert adventures to try with your family and friends. The feeling of exploring the beautiful deserts, driving buggies at high speeds for thrilling sensations, and enjoying desert views from a tall dune all make for a memorable and unique experience. One doesn’t have to be an expert driver to enjoy such a ride.

Even with Ramadan around the corner, you can still enjoy such rides at discounted prices, and it also provides a unique opportunity to break your fast in peaceful desert settings around Iftar time. If you are thinking of enjoying something like this with your friends and family, then check out the following buggy rental Dubai offers you can get this holy month.

Best Ramadan Offers for Dune Buggy Rental Adventure

Here are 3 best dune buggy offers you can book this month and enjoy the off-roading trip with your loved ones:

  • Sunset/Evening Dune Buggy Tour 

Feel the rush of excitement as you navigate the ever-changing dunes at high speeds. A dune buggy’s agility and speed make for an exciting and unique experience. 

Most companies provide 1-, 2-, or 4-hour dune buggy rental tours and the best time to ride a dune buggy rental Dubai is around sunset, during which you will also have the opportunity to observe the spectacular sunset views and enjoy an Iftar buffet dinner later on at the campsite. Do consider booking 1 or 2-hour options if you are fasting to avoid overexerting yourself.

For sunset buggy rides, you can choose from a variety of buggy rental Dubai models. For solo tours, you can book 1 seater Polaris dune buggy, which costs 799 AED for 1 hour, and if you are with a friend, you can book 2 seater Polaris buggy for 899 AED. Obviously, if you increase the time duration, the costs also increase. 


4-seater Dune buggy rental DubaiTours

buggy rental dubai

Dune buggies are also perfect for family and group tours because of their 4-seater capacity models. They can easily accommodate 6 persons, and even your kids or older people in the group can enjoy off-roading trips with safety and comfort. 

You can even opt for ‘Guided Tours’ and let an expert driver take you to the best scenic spots in the desert, where you can spend some memorable moments. In Ramadan, you will also get a chance to break your fast at the campsite, enjoy the hospitality of the locals, and learn more about their culture and traditions. 

The 4-seater Polaris Dune Buggy costs 999 AED for 1 hour and 1349 AED for 2 hours. You can book now and get a 20% discount on the prices mentioned. 

Buggy rental Dubai Adventure Tours

Special Ramadan Offers Of Buggy Rental Dubai Tour lovers who want to experience extreme thrills and fun can rent Can-Am buggies that are designed to be driven at super high speeds and provide stability on the ground while driving. 

Can-Am buggies are expensive compared to Polaris models, and 2-seater Can-Am buggies cost 1399 AED for 1 hour, whereas 4-seater cost 1899 AED for 1 hour. For 2 hours, the price increases to 2399 AED and 2699 AED for each model. 

In Ramadan, while fasting, we recommend that you drive with caution and avoid daring excursions to avoid exhaustion. Keep your tour around 30 minutes to 1 hour before Iftar time. You can continue after Iftar time if you want and explore as much as you want. Be sure to bring your camera to capture your memorable moments and ask your guide for help regarding challenging routes and trails that you would like to explore.


Dune Buggy Dubai tours are fun and exciting activities to try on your vacations, and if you are an adventure lover, then you will surely love this experience. Call Dune Buggy Rental DXB now to reserve your seat and get exclusive deals and discounts. If you need more guidance or tips, check our blog section, and for more similar desert activities, check our service tab as well. 



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