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Ramadan Desert Safari Options for Buggy Tours Dubai

Buggy Tours Dubai

Want to try something unique and memorable activity this Ramadan in Dubai? Well, you can head out to the vast deserts surrounding the city and explore them on various adventure rides and safari tours and Buggy Tours Dubai. These rides offer tons of fun, adventure, and excitement as well as some memorable moments you can cherish forever. 

Some of the most popular Dubai desert adventures include dune buggy Dubai,Buggy Tours Dubai, quad biking, dirt bike rides, and a complete safari tour. More importantly, during Ramadan, you can even enjoy breaking your fast in the desert while sitting at a traditional campsite and feasting on a variety of local and international dishes at an Iftar buffet. 

Let’s learn in detail about these adventure rides and the prices you can get here.

Best Desert Safari Adventure Options You Can Book in Dubai

Here are the top desert adventures that you can rent in Dubai and enjoy on your vacations: 

  • Buggy Tours Dubai

Buggy Tours Dubai rides are quite popular among adventure lovers. They are the only desert vehicles that come with 4-seater models that are ideal for family and group tours.

Dune buggies are safe to drive, and their design ensures they can be driven easily on tough desert terrain. They have several built-in safety features like roll cages, large tires, skid plates, and advanced suspension that help to absorb shocks and bumps. 

More importantly, dune buggies of buggy tours Dubai come with powerful engines that can easily reach up to speeds of 130 kph, and driving at such high speeds on challenging desert surfaces will surely be a thrilling and heart-pounding experience. 

Dune buggies 1-seater model in Dubai costs around 799 AED for 1 hour and 2-seater model costs 899 AED. If you increase duration the cost will also increase. The 4-seater models are expensive and they cost 999 AED for 1 hour. 

In Ramadan, if you book now with Dune Buggy Rental DXB, you will get a 20% discount on all the above-mentioned prices and enjoy a tasty Iftar buffet dinner at the campsite. 

  • Quad Bike Rides 

The second most popular adventure ride in the UAE is Quad Bike rental Dubai. Known also as ATVs, quad bikes are off-road vehicles designed for use in difficult desert terrain. During Ramadan, you can take an off-road trip in the Dubai desert and explore wherever you wish.

Don’t forget to follow the safety guidelines, and keep your tour short if you’re fasting. Taking quad bike rides in the evening is best because you can see the beautiful sunset and break your fast during this time.

Quad bikes are relatively cheaper than dune buggies and cost only 489 AED for 1 hour and 739 AED for 2 hours. Remember, they are a little difficult to drive, and one must be cautious while driving to avoid fatal accidents. Take riding classes to understand their controls before taking them in the desert. 

Buggy Tours Dubai
  • Motorcycle/Dirt Bike Rides

Dirt Bike Dubai is an another exciting and fun activity you can participate in during your Ramadan vacation. A motorcycle rental is affordable compared to dune buggies, which are ideal for solo trips. One can experience the same level of thrill and excitement as one would experience during an off-road tour. 

Dirt bikes cost around 700 AED for 1 hour and 930 for 2 hours. Book now at Dune Buggy Rental DXB for a 20% discount on all prices. Keep in mind that dirt bike riding is difficult, and one needs to be a professional to handle it, so start with basic lessons if you have never driven one.

  • Desert Safari Adventure

The Best Desert Safari Dubai tour is ideal for those who wish to understand the culture and explore the region off-road. Guests can enjoy activities such as dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, camel rides, and dance performances at the campsite. Please keep in mind that dance shows during Ramadan are limited.

One of the primary highlights of the desert safaris in Ramadan is the iftar buffer dinner. This meal includes various local and international dishes, including starters, BBQ, main course dinner, and much more. 

Evening desert safaris are best for enjoying Iftar dinner and witnessing the beautiful sunset over the horizon. They cost 120 AED per person. There are also Morning, Overnight, and Private safari tours. Check our ‘Services Tab’ for detailed information on each package and book your desired one. 


Off-roading Buggy Tours Dubai in Dubai are popular worldwide, and even during Ramadan, one can take his family or friends on tours without any restrictions. It is nonetheless an exciting and memorable experience to break your fast in the middle of the desert within a Bedouin camp. Call Dune Buggy Rental DXB and book your desired desert adventure tour today. 



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