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Desert Buggy Tours Dubai Is Fun For You And Your Family

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Do you want to find a new adventure that is amazing, thrilling, and secure to try with your family in the holidays? Oh, so if you are in Dubai, then without any second thought or waiting, you can book the dune buggy tours Dubai and spend an amazing time exploring the beautiful Arabian deserts and its breathtaking sceneries while enjoying the calmness of the surroundings.

It is easy to book a ride in a buggy in Dubai because numerous companies are offering them on a rental basis and at decently good prices. If you are going on a desert safari for the first time, you should always hire a dune buggy model that is a 4-seater and ensures that you bring an expert guide on the tour to know and understand the desert terrain and its challenges.

What makes Dune Buggy Ride Dubai the Best for Your Family?

  • Safe and Guided Tours

A dune buggy ride is the safest and best form of adventure that not only adults can try out but your children can enjoy as well. Dune buggies are designed to provide comfort and safety to their riders in every way possible. It has roll cages and seats for this function.

In addition, most guided experts will also join you and take you to the best desert site where you can have fun with your family and even teach you how to operate a buggy if you are a first-timer. In case of an accident or in the event of any mishap, they are ready to help you. Make sure to do so and remember that you have to get the safety equipment as well in order to avoid these kinds of incidents.

  • Enjoy Beautiful Desert Views

Dubai has some of the most beautiful deserts in the entire world, and your family will find pleasure in exploring it with dune buggies. In these deserts, the best family places are the ‘Dubai Desert and Conservation Area’ and Al-Qadra, a manmade heart-shaped lake in the middle of the desert that provides a perfect romantic getaway for newlyweds.

Besides these spots, the mesmerizing desert Sunset Views should never be left out if you are there. Book your tour around the evening and visit the top of the hill to see it. Carry the camera as well so that you can take it and treasure it later on.

Buggy Tours Dubai
  • 4- Seater Buggy Options 

The main advantage of going on buggy ride Dubai tours compared to other desert sports is you get the option to book 4-seater vehicles that can easily accommodate your family of 4-5 persons. 

These 4-seaters come in 2 models, mainly Polaris Turbo and Rapid Raid Maverick Turbo, one for beginners and the other for experts. Your tour company can further guide you on how to select the suitable one, considering your experience and the age of your family members. The first model has a low CC engine and runs at low speed; therefore, it is ideal for children to ride on. 

  • Spend Quality Time With Your Family 

Being in the middle of a peaceful desert environment with your family allows you to spend quality time with them and create new memories, too. So, if you haven’t been on a family vacation in a long time, consider going on dune buggy tours and a desert safari to bond with them. 

  • Pick and Drop Service 

Many dune buggy rental operators offer pick-and-drop services nowadays for visitors and tourists who can’t afford to come on their conveyance to the desert. Some offer the service at designated spots around the city, while others may come right to your doorstep to pick you up and drop you off once the tour ends. 

Companies use 4×4 vehicles like Landcruiser or Prado for these services so the customers have a comfortable experience. Of course, if you can come on your own, it’s completely fine as well. 

  • Have a Rich Cultural Experience 

Dune buggy Dubai tours are also ideal for learning about the rich cultural heritage of Arabs and understanding how the locals used to live in these regions before the discovery of oil. You can combine a dune buggy ride Dubai with other desert activities and even book a complete safari tour. 

In desert safari, besides dune buggies, you can also ride quad bikes, go on camel rides, and spend a pleasant time at a Bedouin campsite while enjoying folk and cultural dances by the locals. Afterward, enjoy a hearty BBQ dinner to the end experience. 


The best and most secure kind of off-roading tour that you can take with your family to come closer and make new memories is Dune Buggy Tours Dubai. Endeavor to adhere to instructions from your guide and always put on the safety gear offered to you. In case you have children, you are responsible for their well-being. We assure you that you will have an amazing time exploring the deserts and seeing the lovely scenery.

Contact Dune Buggy Rental DXB for more details and to make a reservation for Dune Buggy rides in Dubai. If you have any questions, we will be glad to answer them.

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