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Desert Safari Dubai: Everything You Need To Know In 2024

best desert safari Dubai

Are you looking for a holiday vacation that is both fun and entertaining, which is also family-friendly? Well, have just the thing for you: The best desert safari Dubai adventure. The safari tour happens in the huge deserts outside the city and many activities here combine fun, and excitement to add a touch of cultural education.

The kids will be sure to have fun here, so arrange a plan with your family for them today and remember how to wander around deserts, watch sunsets, star-gaze, and great shots. This is all that there is to know concerning the desert safari Dubai tour.

What is the Desert Safari Dubai Tour?

Desert safari tours are a very popular tourist activity in UAE, and in fact, currently, in 2024, it still ranks at no.2 spot, according to Tripadvisor. A desert safari tour is a mix of a lot of activities that combine action, adventure, and a relaxing experience all in one. It’s upto you which activities you would like to experience according to your taste. 

Let’s discuss some of the activities you can enjoy here. 

What Does Desert Safari in Dubai include?

As mentioned, the Desert Safari Dubai tour offers plenty of activities that suit everyone’s taste. Here is a complete list of them:

  • Dune Bashing

The most popular safari activity is dune bashing rides, which are the very essence of desert safari tours. People want to experience desert safari and admire the beauty they possess, and nothing can do that better than a dune-bashing tour.

There, an experienced driver takes you for a thrilling and invigorating ride in a 4×4 vehicle like Landcruiser or Prado, driving through the sand at high speed while you are seated at the back with a seat belt. By waving your hand outside the window, you will get to see the beauty of the desert and take pictures that are worth remembering. It is a kid-friendly ride and even your children can come along for the ride.

  • Quad Biking

Following the dune bashing, your new adventure begins with either Quad bikes or ATVs. They are 4-wheel motorbikes with strong engines, light suspension systems, and large tires for driving in the desert.

It is like dune bashing but even more thrilling and dangerous, as quad bikes are open vehicles that need to be driven with great caution to prevent accidents. You don’t need to panic if you are a novice; your tour guide will help you learn how to ride the quad bike in no time.

  • Sandboarding 

Next up is sandboarding; you might see from its name that it is similar to snowboarding but done in a completely different environment. You glide down from a tall sand dune (200m height) on a hard wooden board while trying to maintain your balance. It sure is an exciting and fun activity to enjoy that one must never miss here. 

  • Camel Riding 

As mentioned, desert safaris also offer cultural experiences one can enjoy in the desert, and camel riding is one such activity. Camels have been an integral part of Bedouin culture, and when riding on them, one can experience how the locals used to travel in the past on a slow and bumpy journey. 

  • Campsite Refreshment and Entertainment 

How can one come for the best desert safari Dubai tour and miss the entertainment shows and performances at the Bedouin campsite? After you are done with your safari activities, you go and relax at the campsite and energize your body by drinking water, tea, coffee, or shisha while enjoying amazing and tantalizing performances from locals on a slow musical rhythm.  

The most popular dance performances are Tanoura dance, Belly dance, and Fire shows that are sure to leave you breathless. Evening and Overnight safari packages offer campsite entertainment; bear that in mind. 

  • Delicious BBQ Dinner 

The desert safari tour also offers a range of BBQ and local dishes one can savor to fill one’s hungry appetite. These dishes include lamb chops, Kebabs on skewers, shawarmas, and several other delicacies. This range of dining options fills all the hunger you have gathered from the thrilling safari activities earlier.  

There are also vegetarian items available for those who don’t like eating meat or similar dishes.

What Types of Desert Safari Tours Are There?

Best desert safari Dubai

The desert safari tour is mainly offered 3 times of the day: morning, evening, and overnight.

  • Morning Safari Tour

The morning safari tour begins early in the day, around 8:00 AM when the sun is not yet high and there are hardly any crowds in the desert. It is possible to engage in dune bashing, quad biking, sandboarding, and campsite drinks such as water, tea, and coffee here. Remember, there is no dinner and show in the morning package.

This package is perfect for people who enjoy the morning air and have a full day ahead of them.

  • Evening Safari Tour

Among the 3 options, the evening safari tours are the most popular safari activity. This package will definitely be booked by those who want to enjoy a total fusion of adventure, culture, and excitement. It provides everything we have specified above and beyond that on extra fees.

The evening safaris are preferred because people get to enjoy the beautiful sunset views which are not easy to see in the city. The evening safari starts around 3: At 20:00, it lasts for 5-6 hours and ends at 21:00.

  • Overnight Safari Tour

The overnight safari will be enjoyed by those who enjoy adventuring in the dark and camping in the wild. All these activities mentioned can be enjoyed: dune bashing, quad biking, and camel riding in the darkness under the moonlight to see what mysteries the desert keeps.

You can camp in the desert at night, sleep in the quietness of the desert, and wake up the next morning to the first ray of the sun. Overnight safaris start around 6: From 00 PM till dawn the next day.


Desert safari Dubai adventure, without a shadow of a doubt, might be the most exciting and fun activity to do on your vacation. We hope you understand clearly what the tour offers and can start preparing for it. Call Dune Buggy Rental DXB to book your safari tour right now and get 30% off all our packages. 

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