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Types of the Desert Safari Packages in Dubai: A Complete Guide

Best Desert Safari Dubai

The real beauty of Dubai lies in its vast and miles-long deserts. Which you need to visit if you seek to discover the cultural heritage and unspoiled wilderness it holds. And what better way to explore these deserts than going on a Best Desert Safari Dubai tour. Which is also a popular tourist activity in the city as well. 

Taking part in the Dubai Safari Tour is a unique opportunity to enjoy the thrill of the desert. While gaining an understanding of the culture and traditions of the Arab world. There are several desert safari packages that you can book in Dubai. It all depends on your budget, day timing, and the activities you wish to do. To help you with this, here is a brief guide on three different types of best desert safari Dubai packages you can book here. 

Types Of Dubai Desert Safari

It is possible to choose from a variety of Desert Safaris in Dubai, and the best part is that you are able to customize your schedule to meet your needs and preferences. Dubai Safri tours can be distinguished based on the time of day they are booked. 

  • Morning Desert Safari

Among the most exciting Desert Safaris in Dubai, it begins early in the morning. Allowing you to witness the sunrise over the desert. Desert safaris such as this are designed exclusively for those people who wish to see the sunrise shining on the sand and make it glow like gold.

During the morning safari, you can do activities such as sandboarding, dune bashing, falconry displays. And watching the sunrise while eating Arabic breakfast. The sunrise view is breathtaking, so don’t forget to capture it with your camera. You will likely repeat the morning  Desert Safari Packages in Dubai because the stunning view of the sunrise makes the trip worth every penny. 

The morning Safari package starts around 8:00 AM early in the day. Lasts 3-4 hours. Depending on the activities included. It costs 125 AED per person. 

  • Day Or Evening Desert Safari

Even though you might not be an early riser and would prefer to awaken later. At home or on holiday, there is still no cause for concern. While it might be impossible for you to watch the sunrise this time. You may still have a chance to witness the sunset over the horizon that gives off different shades of orange, red, and yellow. The view gets better as the sun sets and the sand becomes more sparkly, thus making the place a magical one.

A mix of day and evening safaris is a common practice and it is your chance to witness both daytime and nighttime. Not only that, but plenty of activities can be experienced, like riding a camel in the desert, quad biking on the dunes, and performing traditional belly dance and Tanoura dance.

During the dance, you will be treated to a delicious, traditional barbecue dinner, which will leave you wanting more. In case you have always wished to spend the entire day in the desert, this is the right choice for you. The evening safari tour starts around 4-5:00 PM and lasts approximately 6 hours. It costs 120 AED per person. 

Best desert safari Dubai
  • Overnight Desert Safari 

Regardless of where you are, everything appears to be perfect at night. It does not matter whether you are on an ocean beach, in the mountains, or a desert; the night has its own unique vibe that is worth appreciating. 

Therefore, if you are an enthusiastic night owl and like to explore unknown territories at night, then go on an overnight safari tour and get ready for adventure. The night safari offers you a unique opportunity to experience desert adventure and campsite activities under the starlit skies. 

Your overnight safari will commence with a dune-bashing experience followed by a thrilling quad-biking ride. You can also get to experience sandboarding and camel riding as well. 

Enjoy the popular Belly dance and Tanoura dance while enjoying your mouth-watering BBQ dinner. As they dance to traditional and popular Emirati music, you will be treated to a wonderful night of entertainment under the starry skies. You can sit around the campfire and gossip with your friends while spinning coffee or tea. 

As the evening grows darker, the sky becomes clearer, allowing you to observe the stars more closely. You can spend the night at the camp, wake up the next morning to mesmerizing sunrise views, and head back home. 

The overnight safari tour starts around 4-5:00 PM and goes the whole night till the next day’s sunrise, which makes it approximately 16-17 hours long. It costs 150 AED for a standard package, and if you include more activities, it can cost 300-500 AED.


Desert safari adventure is among the top tourist activities in Dubai. So, if you are here on vacation, do give it a try and bring along your family and friends because desert safaris are best enjoyed with groups. We hope you get the idea of the top safari packages offered in the city and the activities you get to enjoy here. For more information or any more guidance, please contact Dune Buggy Rental DXB



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