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Explore Dubai’s Deserts on Quad Bike rental Dubai Tour

Quad Bike rental Dubai

Have you been wondering what lies beyond Dubai’s magnificent buildings and architecture in the vast and lonely deserts and would like to explore it?  Well, you can do it very easily by booking a Quad Bike rental Dubai tour. 

Quad biking offers a fun and exciting way to explore the beautiful and captivating Arabain deserts if you have the guts and stamina to drive on bumpy, uneven, and dangerous terrain for hours. You should not get carried away by our statement, however, and consider the following factors before you decide to go on a quad bike ride in Dubai.

Is Quad Biking Worth Trying in Dubai?

The quad biking experience is worth the expense as you get self-control over your speed and wherever you like to explore and stop to glance at scenic views in the desert. Whether you want to take pictures or enjoy an enchanting sunset you don’t have to ask anyone and can explore the desert at your own pace and choice.

Not only that, going down the sand dunes at high speed while sandy air sways against you will challenge the adventure lover in you, and this is a must-attempt activity for you.

What Amazing Things Can You Do on a Quad Biking Tour?

When touring the desert on a quad bike, you can stop at many interesting spots and stop for a while. The most popular spots in Dubai include the Al-Marqoom desert and Al-Qadra lakes.Fossil Rock and the Dubai Desert Conservation area; if you love animals

Also, Explore Dubai’s Deserts on Quad Bike rental Dubai Tour, you can participate in the following activities:

  • Try some action-packed driving with your friends and group by driving at high speeds and showcasing your quad-biking skills while maintaining your balance on the bike. 
  • Enjoy the sunset views from the top of a dune and observe how the desert sand changes color as the sun goes down. Here, you can capture this magical scenery on your camera and take breaks to drink water and refresh your body. 
  • Spot the wildlife that thrives here and learn more about their habitat and lifestyle if you are interested. 
  • Take part in Falconry shows and learn the history of these magnificent birds. And how they were used in the past for hunting purposes. Take pictures with them as they sit on your shoulders.  
  • Add other desert adventures to your package, or even better. Book a complete desert safari tour that includes dune bashing, sandboarding, camel riding, campsite entertainment, and a BBQ buffet. All these activities surely make up for a complete and memorable desert tour. 

Any Safety Concerns Associated with Quad Bike

Quad bike rental Dubai

If you are an amateur, you will be provided with safety gear as well as guides who will ride alongside you; however, you may suffer from injuries, scratches, backaches, or heat stroke as a consequence of rough driving and scorching temperatures.

The minimum age for this activity is 17 years and older, and it is recommended that you obtain a practice session and guidelines before participating in this activity, considering that there is a certain degree of potential risk.

What is The Cost of a Quad bike rental Dubai Tour?

According to estimates, quad biking tours tend to cost around 100 AED. Although they can be as high as 1500-2000 AED, depending on the additional activities, time duration, and facilities included. Do check our service page of Dune Buggy Rental DXB for detailed information on the packages we offer.

When is the Best Time to Take a Quad Biking Trip?

Since Dubai is located in desert terrain, it is always hot. But if you are less tolerant of heat and have less physical strength, you may wish to travel in the cooler months and during the evenings. By taking an evening tour, you will be able to explore the desert comfortably without getting tired or experiencing heat headaches.

Does a Quad bike rental Dubai Driver Need to Meet Certain Requirements?

Quad bike riding requires a minimum age of 17 years. As well as physical fitness and some prior experience driving quad bikes. Prior to going on a desert tour, you will attend a guide session and go on a test drive. Although you don’t need to have a driver’s license to operate a Quad bike rental Dubai but some sort of ID is required by tour companies. It can be a CNIC or passport.   


Be prepared to experience a frightening ride through Dubai’s vast deserts. Explore the desert according to your preference and take charge of your tour. Therefore, pack your bags and prepare for an unnerving experience as you ride quad bikes and ATVs on the dunes.

For more information, call Dune Buggy Rental DXB and talk to our representatives.



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